Welcome aboard. In this guide you will find all the useful information about Grafias 🎨

Grafias - fits your livestream workflow

Grafias is a layer based, all-in-one platform for live streaming and digital events. You can collaborate in realtime, play back video, images, animations, browsers sources and lower thirds.


Using Grafias will save you time! You can collaborate in real time on your rundowns. No more spreadsheets and files everywhere. Keeps everybody on the same page.

Graphic operators and clients can work togheter in real time on same rundowns.

Video input

Add live video feed so you get the presenters powerpoint into your live stream. Or add external presenters from Teams, Zoom, or OBS Studio.

Depending on your computer devices you can add NDI source, Ultrastudio card or USB video card

Display on any screen

Just log on to your account and connect your Mac or PC to a video switcher or scaler, and drag over your graphics window, or display URL as we call it. Grafias can run on low-spec laptops, like chromebook.

Playback .mp4 video on venue projectors, and your live stream at the same time.

Layer based

Grafias is layer based which means you can compose layers of graphics on top of each other. You can playback all layers or just a single one in a display url, so you can control specific screens for maximum flexibility.