Grafias support

Add Grafias HTML motion graphics

In order to do this you need to set up a AWS account with MediaLive, and setup input, security group and a channel. Please follow the other parts of this guide to do so.
Select your newly created channel and choose to Edit channel
Select General Settings and open Motion Graphics Configuration.
  • Toggle Enable Motion graphics configuration
  • From the dropdown select ENABLED
Click Update Channel

Schedule HTML motion graphics

Click on the channel name you created and select Schedule and then click Create.
Click create to add the HTML Motion Overlay
Add any name in the Action name. Then select from Start type Immediate. From Action type you select Motion Graphics Activate. Duration keep blank and in URL you copy the View output from Grafias and paste it into Url. Remember to click Create.
Find your output URL in grafias from your rundown.
Click on Workflow Wizard to find your server
Click on you server name and you will see a new menu and the button Start Workflow. You Need to start the workflow before you can stream to AWS.
Link to resources show details of you input or channel.
You can see your input with the RTMP url you need to use is attached to your channel.