Grafias support

Create your Channel

Before you create your channel you need to follow the steps you find in Get started with AWS MediaLive HTML Motion graphics to set up your input and security groups.

Plan you channel

In this guide we should you how to set up a channel so you can stream from your Atem Mini Pro to YouTube and AWS adds animated Lower Thirds as a overlay in your stream.
The benefits of using AWS HTML motion graphics is that you save 1 or 2 inputs on your Atem. Professional lower thirds have key and fill (transparency) and you need a computer and a decklinkcard to do this. You can do luma or chroma key with just 1 input on your atem, but you will loose the transparency.
Remember that you need to make different resolutions for output to Facebook that support 720 streaming. So plan your channel for 1080 and 720. Grafias display outputs for HTML Motion Graphics supports any format. And if its not listed contact [email protected] and we make the display size available.

Workflow wizard

The easiest way to get started is to use use the Workflow Wizard in your MediaLive menu.
Click on Workflow Wizard
Start with entering the basic information. We use SINGLE_PIPELINE in this demo becase we use Atem Mini Pro for streaming. AMP only supports one stream output. We also add our existing role you made when you signed up.
You should consult a AWS expert to set up your Channel accordingly. This guide will only help you get started with streaming and HTML motion Graphics. Its not intended to be a full guide in how to use AWS MediaLive.
We use RTMP encoder to push stream to AWS
You select Create a new input. Application name could be any name you wish. Same with instance. That is the same as a streamkey in YouTube or Facebook.
Enter the security group you created
Streaming to YouTube or Facebook is normally between 4-5 mbps.
Choose codec AVC since we use a H.264 encoder like the Atem Mini Pro. Input resolution is HD and input bitrate you can set to 10 mbps. Click Next when done.
AWS charge only for the use and has no fees if you don`t use the service. Bandwith is one of the cost. Streaming around 4-5 mbps should be enough for most livestreams.
If you are a beginner select YouTube as output. You can also use for example a service like Restream instead of using AWS as distribution.
Now all should be set so and AWS will warn you if you did any error. Now you just need to hit Create workflow resources button.
Before you can add grafias HTML Motion Graphics you need to wait a few minutes for AWS sto set up your servers.