Grafias support

Browser Source

Browser source allows the user to display a source from a webpage or comments from YouTube or Twitch adding a Chrome Extension. Or embed Slido to have better control over the visuals on screen.
Click to Add Asset and select Browser Source. The user can customize the Label.
When using Browser Sources with audio you may need to mute the tab so you don`t get double sound.
The browser source asset do only support webpages that allow embedding. So not all webpages will load in the browser source asset.
To insert a Border, toggle the option on and adjust border size and color.
To Crop media file, toggle Crop on, plug in the desired pixel values.
Size and Position
Just as in the lower third, if the user is aware of position pixels with relation to the screen, they can customize it with X and Y dimensions in pixel units (after selecting custom from the drop-down menu). If the user does not prefer the default position and is unaware of position dimension with respect to screen size, contact support.
Lock or reset the ratios by clicking the lock or reset buttons:
Parent Controller
If Parent Controller is toggled on, the user can select either of the assets as the primary controller asset with customized time delay and other assets can function as child assets.

Hide and show Browser asset

To hide and show a browser asset is useful when you dont what to refresh the page. You can right click on teh asset to get to the menu where you can copy the hide/show URL and use StreamDeck or companion to control the assets.