Grafias support

Custom Command

With Custom Command asset you can Control your Atem switcher from you rundown.
You Need to download and install Grafias Bridge in order to use Custom Command
There is several ways to control a Atem:
  • Atem Software Control
  • Grafias
  • Bitfocus Companion
With Grafias you have the flexibility to make it work in any workflow. If you have needs for other type of support not currently available please contact us: [email protected]. We love to hear from you!
Atem is connected to Grafias Bridge
Atem has a limit of up to five controller-devices connected at the same time.
Grafias has a dropdownlist of commands you can send to Atem. To see how it works use the command Set Input and select for example input 1.
When grafias is connected to Atem for first time you will need to do something on you switcher with using its physical button or use Atem Software Controller to for example switch input.
Its very powerful to control you Atem with the Grafias Bridge since you can also get help from a Technical Director sitting home and control the video switching. You just need to use Zoom or Teams to share your multiview using a capture card for Zoom. The possibilities are endless!