Grafias support


Designers make motion design using After Effects. Lottie files parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON files through an open-source After Effects extension called Bodymovin.
With Grafias, you can spice up your production with playing Lottie files from rundown. There are a number of free Lottie files online.
Click to Add Asset and select a .JSON file from the gallery. To upload your own creation, click on Upload. The file can be set in a loop by toggling the Loop to on and a layer number assigned to it.
Add extra visual elements to your live production downloading files from lottiefiles.​
Size and Position
Just as in the lower third and media, if the user is aware of position pixels with relation to the screen, they can customize it with X and Y dimensions in pixel units (after selecting custom from the drop-down menu).
When adjusting size sometimes the graphics can be positioned outside the canvas so you dont see it. Grab the handles and drag it into position.
Lock or reset the ratios by clicking the lock or reset buttons:
On Complete: The user can choose what happens when a media stops playing. This enables the user to organize the rundown pattern. If no assets are selected, the rundown is stopped by default.
Parent Controller
If Parent Controller is toggled on, the user can select either of the assets as the primary controller asset with customized time delay and other assets can function as child assets.
Last modified 2yr ago