Grafias support


Grafias enables users to add videos or images as Assets. This is useful for playback a short video or add a logo. The media file is cached for easier access.
Add new Media
To add new media Click to Add Asset, scroll down to Media, choose a file to upload, and label accordingly. The label is updated in the asset list and asset details at the top.
If video is selected a user can specifying the beginning time at In Point and the end time at Out Point.
Adjust Opacity and assign a Layer value to the asset. If the asset shares the same layer value as another asset, Grafias issues a warning.
Depending on you output setup you can get double sound when playing back video. Please install the free Mute Tab from Chrome Web Store to mute audio in tab with Live window.
To add aesthetical value or decrease viewing area for more focus, toggle the Border option on and assign a thickness value and choose a color through the color-picker or HEX code. The default color is white.
To Crop media file, toggle Crop on, plug in the desired pixel values.
Size and Position
Just as in the lower third, if the user is aware of position pixels with relation to the screen, they can customize it with X and Y dimensions in pixel units (after selecting custom from the drop-down menu).
When adjusting size sometimes the graphics can be positioned outside the canvas so you dont see it. Grab the handles and drag it into position.
Lock or reset the ratios by clicking the lock or reset buttons:
On Complete: The user can choose what happens when a media stops playing. This enables the user to organize the rundown pattern. If no assets are selected, the rundown is stopped by default.
Parent Controller
If Parent Controller is toggled on, the user can select either of the assets as the primary controller asset with customized time delay and other assets can function as child assets.
Last modified 2yr ago