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Tickers are excellent ways to give news updates and headlines to your audience. The ticker is displayed on the lower third of the screen and is usually in text format from the left-right.
Click to Add Asset to add a Ticker. Choose from a list of templates by clicking the folder at the top of the Ticker options.
Customize the Title
Adjust the Ticker Speed - the lower the number, the faster the ticker proceeds. Assign a layer number to the asset.
To edit Ticker Data, add data and enter. The data can be entered in any language.
To customize Ticker Style:
  • Customize font Color with color picker or HEX code
  • Customize BG Color
  • Choose from Font list
The background can be switched to Gradient Background by toggling it on and further to a Hard Gradient that has recognizable borders. This option prevents the ticker from merging into the background.
To display Date instead of Title, toggle the Date option on.
Size and Position
Just as in the lower third and other assets, if the user is aware of position pixels with relation to the screen, they can customize it with X and Y dimensions in pixel units (after selecting custom from the drop-down menu).
Size and position
When adjusting size sometimes the graphics can be positioned outside the canvas so you don't see it. Click on the Screen Icon to fit to screen so you see the Ticker.
You can lock or reset the ratios by clicking the lock or reset buttons.
Parent Controller
If Parent Controller is toggled on, the user can select either of the assets as the primary controller asset with customized time delay and other assets can function as child assets.
Last modified 1yr ago