Grafias support

Video input

Grafias supports a range of USB video cards, webcams, and NDI. As long as you have given grafias access to computer devices you will see the list in the video input.
Select the input you need and it will be visible in the preview or LIVE window.
Using a USB video card and grafias is a great way to add more inputs to your video switcher.
Troubleshooting your inputs please search for: Grafias don`t find my devices


You can add or disable audio with toggle mute on and off. You can select a layer ranging from 1-100. For video, we recommend layer 1. You can add a border, crop the input, and set the size and position. Using the parent controller you can select another asset to play at the time you set up. Just select the asset as a parent and select the child from the drop-down list if you have another asset in your rundown.
Last modified 2yr ago