Grafias support

Adding assets

How to select assets like animations, images, videos and input like a webcam or video grabber card.
If you don`t have created your free account you should do that now. The first time you logon you will need to add a rundown. A rundown is an item-by-item sequence of events that will happen within your live production. An item in Grafias is called an asset.
First time you logon on your dashboard will be empty.
Click on New Rundown in order to start with adding assets
Grafias adds a default rundown name. Doubleclick to rename.
Keep yourself organised by naming your rundowns 😊
Just click on one of the + to add assets
You should play around and test the different assets to get to know the possibilities in Grafias, based on your live production.
Grafias adds a default label name for your asset. Please change that.
Grafias supports different files for you to upload. Check this article.
Click on the folder to have a look at our premade animated templates. If you cannot find any suitable for your project please contact [email protected] and we can make templates for you.
Just point and click on the template/graphic you would like to use. You will see a preview of your selected graphic. Click on "Use this template" to add to your rundown.
For templates with images you need to upload a photo or logo with this pixel size: Templates with person photo in: Landscape/Horizontal 600*450 in pixels Templates with person photo in: Portrait/Vertical 450*600 in pixels
For templates with logo there are 3 variations:
  1. 1.
    Square 450*450
  2. 2.
    Wide 900*450
  3. 3.
    Superwide 1350*450 (Rarely used)