Grafias support

Transparent output URL

A rundown in Grafias needs to have at least one View Output to show the graphics or videos.The menu View Output can be accessed from the header at the top left View Output button.
Transparent URL
The transparent URL is used with professional fill and key cloud services like AWS ElementalLive HTML Motion Graphics. Or software such as vMix, Wirecast or OBS Studio. Anything that supports a browser source does support Grafias.
With OBS Studio you can play out SDI with fill and key using a Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio or Decklink card. Or output with fill and key to NDI with OBS Studio as well.
Layers You need to add a layer number to each asset in the rundown to stack graphics on top of each other. In the View Output you can add the layer numbers and the View Output will only play the layers assigned.
You can keep the "0" in the layer form if you want the output to display all your assets in the rundown.
Size Depending on your production Grafias supports many resolution. If you need a resolution you can't find we can add it. Contact [email protected]
Delay When you are using services like AWS ElementalLive HTML motion graphics, in combination with YouTube, Facebook or Restream, you will notice a delay. The graphics is coming on air too early in the live stream. Just do some test, and add delay in milliseconds, to get perfect sync.
1000 millisecond is 1 second. If you need a delay of 3,5 seconds you input 3500.