Grafias support


Frequently asked questions about Grafias account.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Just log on to your account. Go to your profile up in right corner and select My Profile. From here you will find setting for subscription. You will be downgraded from your subscription to free account. If you want to delete your account please contact: [email protected]

Where to login to my account?

You will find the login from our website. Or you can use the direct URL for Grafias:

You have reached a limit

Depending on your account there can be limitations. You need to upgrade your subscription. You will find alternatives on your Account Settings page.

Grafias won`t upload my videofile

Depending on your subscription you can have upload limitations. Check your profile settings. If you are invited as an operator you need to ask the owner of the account to upgrade, or you need to reduce the filesize you try to upload.

"You are temporarily blocked"

Grafias needs to keep the platform safe for all users. In case you've been blocked, you will receive a message like this "Sorry, you are temporarily blocked. Your activity on Grafias has been reported as misuse". Feel free to contact us: [email protected] if you think your activity is legit and we made a mistake.