Grafias support


Having an issue with Grafias? Here's the most frequent ones and how to solve it.

Video playback is "double sound?"

When playback using the same computer Grafias will send two streams of audio into your output. The audio from the rundown tab and the audio from the output display URL tab.
If you need to use the same computer for rundown and output display you should install Mute Tab. You can read more about Mute Tab in this article.
Mute Tab will mute the sound from different tab`s in Chrome.
The output URLs you assign to your rundown can be different computers, Chromebooks, or even Chromecasts.

Grafias don`t find my devices

You need to make sure you have allowed Grafias in the Chrome browser to see your devices.
Go to the hamburger menu up in the right corner in Chrome browser. From The dropdown menu select Settings. Then select Privacy and Security from the left menu.
From Settings, select the Privacy and security, and the Site Settings menu.
Select Camera and Microphone and to get the settings right.
Make sure you have given permissions for Grafias to access your devices

The video stutter

Grafias support h264 (mp4) files. It will cache the file (save to memory) and play back smoothly. But if the file is very large and is compressed at a high bitrate it could give you stutter. So we recommend a bitrate around 5 Mbps to have smooth playback for Livestream and digital events. And remember to rebuild the cache on an external display before an important event so you download it all to your local chrome browser.

I only see one asset in my preview

By default grafias display one item at a time in the preview window. You can enable multiple assets on preview window from your profile settings.
Click on Account Settings
Tick Enable multiple assets on preview

I have another issue with Grafias

The most frequent issues have been listed here, but you might have found a new bug that we aren't aware of yet. Please contact us: [email protected] and we will do our best to help you.
Keep in mind to do a refresh of your Chrome browser if something does not look right. Another way is to Empty Cache and perform a Hard Reload: Ctrl+Shift+I on PC and right-click on the refresh icon.
Empty Cache and Hard Reload is Ctrl+Shift+I and right click icon to get the menu