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Frequently asked questions about Grafias.

Do I need the internet to use Grafias?

Yes. Grafias is a modern production tool that runs in your browser (Chrome). The tools are made for live production, like live streaming and digital events.
Assets are cached in your browser locally so playback will be played out from your browser memory.

Can I make my own graphic templates?

Yes. Follow this user guide. Or contact Grafias design team. We will build a template for your company or organization. Contact us: [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

What files does Grafias support?

Grafias do support several files types: .gif, .png, .jpg, for video .mp4, webm, and for audio .mp3 and .wav.
For .mp4 files we do recommend full HD 1920x1080. Bitrate is depending on your video. We do recommend 5 Mbit will look good and play back without issues. Use the free tool Handbrake for optimizing your file for web playback.
Huge files encoded above 10 Mbit will need more time to cache/load and could give you issues playing back. Use common sense and don't upload 4k video or master files and expect them to play back smoothly.
Grafias also support .json files. Like Lottie. If you have Adobe AfterEffects you can make your own Lottie files and templates for Grafias. You can look at our guide.​

How do I add NDI input?

You need to install the free NDI Tools on the computers you would like to receive NDI input. In order to let Grafias see the NDI sources in your local network, you will need to start the NDI Virtual Input app. From this app, you select your NDI source.
After installing NDI Tools you need to start the app NDI Virtual Input.
In Grafias you can now select the video input asset and from your dropdown, you will see NewTek NDI input. You can use several input assets with the same NDI source so you can make different layouts like small, and full screen. Just keep the layer over the other so you can just hide and show.
NewTek NDI input needs some seconds to show your NDI source. For a live event, you can start NDI input in preview and wait until you see it. Hit play (live) it will be on-air right away.
Tip: Use the app NDI Scan Converter on a computer to send an NDI signal to your local network.
Tip: Microsoft Teams have support for NDI out. Here is a guide to set that up.
You can use Zen NDI Cutter to switch between sources and output as NDI to Grafias.

How do I use the Composition?

The composition is a fast way to add the presentation from your meeting. You will need a video input card like Elgato Camlink, or use the free NDI Tools in order to get the signal into Grafias.

How to do Luma key in video switcher

Grafias works well with any video switcher that supports Luma keying. If you are new to live production you should buy an Atem Mini Pro. At this price point it has a great return on investment if you plan to charge clients for your work.
In this tutorial, we use Atem Mini Pro as an example of how to set up the luma key, but this will work on any of the Atem video switchers and others hardware switchers with supports for the luma key.
First, you need to make create a display with Luma, then connect this display URL to your video switcher input.
Open up the Atem Software and go to the menu called Palettes.
Open the menu Downstream Key and set the input Fill Source and the Key Source to the same input.
On the Clip settings set: 7.6% and on the Gains setting set 70.3%. Now you can see the graphics on top of your video and the black is removed.
Luma key does remove the black. So you can`t use black as a color in your templates. Grafias supports Fill and Key for professional broadcasting, but you need to use two video inputs.

How to do Chroma key

How do I get the key and fill the SDI output?

You will need a computer with a Blackmagic Design Decklink video card that supports fill and key, and on the same computer, you need to have OBS Studio installed.
For light setup use a computer with Thunderbolt and an Ultrastudio Mini HD.

How do i set up Dual Monitors

Windows 10 dual monitor setup
Follow this guide if you are on a PC. You can also look at this video about connecting computers to Atem if you are on a Mac.


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