Grafias support

Program out

With Grafias you will get the most out for your Atem Mini and in this article we show you how you get program out to the venue TV or projector.
First, you need to connect your Atem to your computer running Grafias. Atem uses USB-C cable to USB-A data cables. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables connected to the computer do both works for the program out. (Charging cable will not work) Your computer needs to have an HDMI out with Full HD, 1920x1080. You can use any computer that runs Chrome, even a Chromebook.
Connect your Atem Mini to the computer running Grafias
In Grafias you create a new rundown and select Video input as an asset. See Quick Start for further reading.
Find Blackmagic Design and choose as Video and Audio input
Grafias scans your computer devices
A list of all devices that you have connected to your computer will appear as a video input in Grafias but you will need to select Blackmagic Design as a Video and Audio Source.
Select the input your Atem Mini and you will see the program out in Grafias
On your computer, you will need a Full HD HDMI out and set the computer to enable extended desktop mode. Connect your TV or Projector to your computer with an HDMI cable. Now you will see that you have extended your computer desktop to this TV. The next you have to do is adding a Display Output to your rundown.
The next step you need to do selecting the display URL so its pops up as a webpage. This webpage you drag over to your TV/projector and hit F11 to get full screen view.
Just drag your Display URL to your external TV / Projector
Remember to install Mute Tab from Chrome Extension to mute the tab in your Grafias tab where you see the Live window. Then on the output display
Remember to select the right audio output on your computer. Audio should be played back on the connected TV/Projector
Program out will have some frames of delay so it is not useful to display camera output to the projector screen. You will get bad lip-sync. We reccomend ATEM Televison Studio or similar for this.
To get a long cable run you need a converter like HDMI to SDI if your projector or TV is set up far from your position.