Grafias support

Interview with a remote guest

Do you need to record a presentation from a remote guest? It`s fast and simple to do with Grafias.
You can use several tools to get a remote guest into Grafias. In this article we you will have some options. The first is the free - a webpage that grabs the camera and audio of your guest web camera or phone. gives you a browser source so you can get a guest phone and webcam into grafias
In page just select the Add Group Chat to OBS and copy the URL guest link. When guest logs in you copy the guest link in the control room and paste it as a browser source in grafias. In order to communicate with your guest just the director mic in the control room. And add Atem Mini Pro as a broadcast link to the group.
Microsoft Teams can also be used with Grafias. Just make sure Teams has NDI broadcast enabled, and bring your guest into Grafias. You need the NDI Tools installed on your computer. Assign the NDI source to your NDI Virtual Input and it will be available as a source for Grafias.