Grafias support


How to use Grafias with your Blackmagic Atem to show animated graphics to your live audience.
Whether you've got an Atem Mini, ATEM Mini Extreme ISO or an Atem Constellation 8K, you can use Grafias to render graphics in real-time to your audience. We'll assume you are running Grafias on a computer with a HDMI output and we start from there. You can also use Grafias with Fill and key.

Luma method

1. Connect

Start by connecting your laptop or computer running Grafias to your ATEM switcher. Typically this is done by using a HDMI cable from the computer and attaching that to one of the inputs on the ATEM.
You'll want to enable "Extended Desktop" mode on this computer as you will not want to mirror your displays.

2. Add Output to your Rundown

Open an Rundown within Grafias, on the menu up at right View Output click and select the output. It will open in as a new tab. Drag the tab window on the extended desktop display (you'll see the window appear on your ATEMs multiview. Then make that window fullscreen. In Chrome it`s F11.
Main screen went black on macOS? Open System Preferences > Mission Control and make sure that Displays have Separate Spaces is checked.

3. Setting View Output to Luma on Rundown

Select Luma Output
For the Luma keying to work, we'll need to make sure that the View Output for the Rundown is set to Black (Luma). Grafias support Luma, Chroma and Transparent (Key & Fill).

4. Atem settings

Open up the ATEM Software Control, and navigate to the Palettes on the right. Expand the Downstream section and open the Luma tab.

Set the source

Set both the Fill Source and Key Source to which ever ATEM input your Grafias laptop/PC is connected to.
Uncheck Pre Multiplied Key
Be sure to uncheck Pre Multiplied Key at this point as you will have some strange effects later.

5. Turn Atem on

Our system is all set up, now just turn on Downstream Key to see the animated graphics in action.
DSK 1 in active and will show animated graphics

6. Adjust the Key

For most graphics the 7.6% on Clip and 70.3% on Gain will be good. Setting the Clip to a low number will remove the darker parts of the image. Playing with the Gain will determine how much of that dark image is removed.
Keep in mind, this will remove black from your graphics too. Try to avoid pure black in any graphics, images or themes.
You can also follow this video guide

7. Chroma method

Follow the steps from Luma 1 - 3. Remember to choose the Chroma (Green) View Output for your Grafias Rundown.

8. Atem Chroma setting

Set the source

Set the Fill Source to which ever input your Grafias laptop/PC is connected to.

Set the color

Be sure to set theright Chroma Sample color to green by opening the Chroma Sample option and sampling an area.
ATEM Software Control with the right things selected

9. Set Atem Upstream 1

Our system is all set up, now just turn on Upstream Key 1 to see the graphics in action.
Upstream Key 1 activated