Grafias support


You can use Grafias in any application that supports NDI®. You have a few alternatives to get animated graphics with Key and Fill into your NDI® application.

1. Vingester

Vingester is an open source desktop application for use under Windows, macOS or Linux to run multiple Chromium-based Web browser to NDI®.
Vingester app

2. Flowics NDI® Converter

The free Flowics NDI® Converter is a Windows application that enables you to integrate animated Grafias (or any HTML5 page) on NDI workflows.
​Flowics NDI Converter

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a open source project for Mac, PC and Linux. In order to get NDI® output from OBS Studio you must install the NDI Toolkit. obs-ndi - NewTek NDI integration into OBS Studio
On the Download page, download:
  • obs-ndi-version number-Windows-Installer.exe (for Windows)
  • obs-ndi-version number-macOS.pkg (for Mac)
Run the Installer and reboot the computer.
From OBS Studio Tools menu you will find the NDI® output settings.
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The name of the output will be the NDI signal in your local network.
You can read more about the NDI here.