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Animate Agenda Schedule

Use Google Sheet to make animated graphics for your Agenda Schedule.

What we will do:

  • Use a Google Sheet for adding the Agenda text
  • Setting up Grafias Template Irevik 4 or Irevik 3 for animated Agenda graphics
When we're done the finished results will look like this:
Animated Agenda Scheduling is fast and easy to setup

Google Sheet

First make a copy of the Google Sheet with the Agenda Sample: Click this link.
Make a copy of the google Google Sheet

Grafias setup

Next log into your Grafias account and go to a Rundown. From here you click the + icon and select the Lower Third asset.
Add Lower Third asset to your Rundown
Select the Lower Third asset folder
Select the template Irevik 4
To search for the template Irevik 4, we need to select ALL to filter templates, then use the Search form bellow. Search for Irevik 4.
When you find Irevik 4, you select it from the template archive, and click SELECT TEMPLATE button.
Copy Play URL
Right click on the Lower Third Asset and go to API Access and Copy Play URL.

Google Sheet

Let`s go back to Google Sheet and paste the Play URL code from Grafias.
If you click on the dummy text for example 12:00 to highlight the text you can then click SHOW AGENDA.
If you get a Error you click on Continue.
Choose the Google Account you will use to Continue, and then click Advanced.
You need to click unsafe and click on ALLOW in order to play the animated graphics.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We don`t have a clue why we still have not gotten our google scripts verified by Google. We have tried a few times now. If anyone can help us, please get in touch: [email protected]
The animated agenda schedule will play in grafias. You can add the graphics in any live stream or output to a projector screen. You can also make your own custom templates in Adobe After Effects.
You Can change colors in text, select the transparency and color of background in the Asset properties.
You will find a horizontal Template when you select Irevik 3.